Our Impact

Norweez got together to help solve a problem affecting the world. They want to protect and restore the oceans, seas and marine resources.  These whimsical sea-creatures have lost their family and friends due to pollution. Their unicorn husks get entangled in plastic islands and drift away, making it difficult for other Norweez to find them.

To the rescue!

To rescue them, they decided to join forces with a community that cares about the environment to support the initiatives already making a change!

Aligned with the United Nations‘ SDG14 – Life Below Water, Norweez support initiatives that conserve and sustainably use of oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development. When acquiring a Norweez:

20% of our NFT collection and land sales will go directly to initiatives supporting our mission. Initiatives will be selected based on a community-wide vote.

The community joins experiences to learn about ocean and sea protection and restoration

Members can interact with other individuals passionate about the environment.

Our community Spaces

The Ocean Metaverse is a casual open game where players can interact with each other. But there isn‘t an objective to be completed as is with traditional games. However, multiplayer minigames such as ocean racing and exploration events will be some of the many things to do at Norweez.


The Coral-Reef is a member-only area in discord where Norweez holders will access exclusive information like drops, opportunities and network with other Norweez holders. You can only access with your Meta-mask.


The Artic-Ocean is our open discord community where you can learn about updates and meet other like-minded individuals.