The first underwater metaverse on Ethereum.

The first underwater metaverse on Ethereum.

Welcome to the Norweez Community

Norweez is an underwater metaverse deployed on the Ethereum Network and designed for users to immerse themselves in the ocean world through endless opportunities for exploration, creation, and monetization, all while directly supporting ocean-restoration initiatives.

The Team | Nice to meet you.

A group of friends decided to put their skills together to help the Norweez and create something amazing for their community that care about the environment to support initiatives catalyse their work and bring benefits to the community.

Victoria Masso

PM & Operations

Victoria works in the United Nations digitally transforming ecosystems. She works with Fujitsu as a Telecommunications Manager for the Commonwealth Games, as well as delivering training in multinationals like Linklaters, IBM and Oliver Wyman.

“I swim with the Norweez and aid them in their mission.”

Nelson Milla


Nelson is a Software Developer. He works on Web3 projects since 2018, and has a great deal of experience working with Web2 on companies like eLibro, the biggest virtual library of Latin America.

“I give the Norweez anything they need, drop by drop.”

Christina Angele

Art and Design

Christina is a Design- and Communication Strategist with over 14 years of experience in various design fields. She worked with Clients like Microsoft and Funke Mediengruppe, one of the largest media groups in germany.

“I am one of the gang, swimming with the whales.”

Alex Hirsu

Marketing & Opperations

Alex is our marketing mastermind ready to take Norweez’s growth to new heights. With in-depth experience in DeFi and NFT marketplaces, Alex‘s marketing strategies led to $28M IDO token sales & $12M+ TVL.

“I take the Norweez to meet the world and drive their mission.”

Carlos Mosquera

Unity & Sound design

Carlos is an applications project engineer at L-Acoustics and recording engineer at UCLA and LA  Philharmonic. He specialises in immersive experiences, working with high profile artist like Adele, Aerosmith, Katie Perry and Boniver

I help the Norweez swim through our Metaverse ocean!